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Explore the formidable Ghent-Wevelgem course with four circuits varying in length: 60 km, 90 km, 140 km or 215 km.

The 60-km circuit (223 metres of elevation, 1 provision point) provides a breathtaking journey through history. You will cycle past many military cemeteries and memorials, with the Menin Gate in Ypres as the absolute climax. Are your legs up to a bit more than that? Then opt for the 91-km circuit (490 metres of elevation, 2 provision points) and in addition to the sights of the Ypres region, tackle the infamous Kemmelberg.

For more experienced cycling fans, we also offer a 139-km circuit (934 metres of elevation, 3 provision points) and a 215-km one (1084 metres of elevation, 4 provision points), providing participants with seven additional hills to conquer, including the Monts des Cats, Mont Noir and Mont Blanchisserie. The "Plugstreets", incorporated into the professional race two years ago, are included in the 91, 139 and 215-km circuits as well.

Whichever distance you choose, you will have a gorgeous finish along the banks of the Leie and then under the finish arch on Vanackerestraat.

GPX downloads will be available 2 days in advance through Route You.

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Parcours Passage de moeren

1 Passage de moeren

A standard feature of Ghent-Wevelgem is the strong winds in De Moeren, pretty much guaranteed to blow someone off-track each year. Forewarned is forearmed! Who will drop out and who will make it?

Parcours Mont des Cats

2Mont des Cats

The Mont des Cats in the municipality of Godewaarsvelde in French Flanders is 2650 m long, with an average gradient of 7.6% and maximum incline of 19%. Make sure to admire the beautiful abbey as well, home of the trappist beer "Mont des Cats" since 2011.

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Parcours Ravensberg

3Mont Noir

This "black hill" (Mont Noir) is located in French Flanders, at the border between Westouter and Sint-Janskappel in Belgium and the French domain of Boeschepe. It features a 2500 m climb, with an average gradient of 4.8% and maximum incline of 9%. It's named for the De Zwarte family, whose mountain this was in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Parcours Kemmelberg


The undisputed highlight of Ghent-Wevelgem is the Kemmelberg, a real cyclist's nightmare. With a maximum incline of 23% and paved in cobblestones, it's immediately obvious why the Westhoek's best-known hill inspires such fear.

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Parcours Plugstreets


A new addition as of 2017 is the passage over the "Plugstreets", incorporated in the route to commemorate the Christmas ceasefire of 1914. The Plugstreets comprise three stretches of semi-paved road, measuring 5.2 kilometres in all. The first two stretches have a slight incline and are situated in open areas where the wind roams unchecked. Good luck!

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