Gent-Wevelgem Cyclo




Gent-Wevelgem Cyclo has become a well-known fixture on the European cycling calendar. This one-day WorldTour classic in Flanders Fields is an absolute must for true cycling fans. Prepare to suffer on the famed Kemmelberg, fight against the relentless wind in De Moeren and make your way over the semi-paved ‘Plugstreets’. You will be rewarded with a jubilant finish on the Vanackerestraat in Wevelgem, following in the footsteps of Wout van Aert and Marianne Vos earlier this year.

Feel Like a Pro

Without a doubt Gent-Wevelgem is a classic for true Flandriens and Flandriennes who will be tested not just by the course – especially after the introduction of unpaved “Plugstreets” – but also by the challenging wind.


You can choose between four distances:

68 km - 268 altimeters 98 km - 622 altimeters

135 km - 823 altimeters 181 km - 874 altimeters

Discover the impressive Gent-Wevelgem course via tours of various distances: 68 km, 98 km, 135 km and 181 km. The 68 km distance will give you a tour of the region with a passage through the Menin Gate via the quiet roads in and around Ypres. The other distances will add several challenges, including passages over the Kemmelberg and the Plugstreets. The 143 km ride will throw in some more climbs in the so-called Heuvelland, while participants on the 198 km tour will also face the challenging winds in De Moeren. Whichever distance you chose, you will finish your glorious but challenging day of cycling along the picturesque riverbanks of the Leie. .

Discover some of the highlights that await you below:

Discover the highlights


How does it work and what does my ride look like?

This edition of Gent-Wevelgem Cyclo will obviously be held in a safe manner according to the current sanitary standards. All participants will start during particular timeslots in order to guarantee social distancing. When you sign up online, you will be able to select your preferred slot.

Starter pack for every participant

  • Well-stocked supply posts along the course and at the start including Etixx sports drinks, sports bars and fruit gels, LU waffles, Belvita cookies...
  • Accident insurance (no helmet = no insurance)
  • Technical assistance at the start, at the supply posts and on the course
  • Medical assistance at the start and at the supply posts
  • Signallers on the course
  • Breakdown service
  • Signage on the course
  • Course sticker featuring the climbs
  • Frame plate


Location and parking

You are expected at:
Vanackerestraat 16

The organisers will provide plenty of parking opportunities in the vicinity of the start and finish to ensure you can park your car safely and comfortably make your way to the site.

Parking 1: Vliegveld Wevelgem
Parking 2: Industriepark Wevelgem
Parking 3: Spoorwegstraat Wevelgem


All Peloton events have been given the "MV OK" label by Cycling. This label acknowledges that events take into account several basic needs for cycling women (and men).

At all Peloton events we offer:

  • Separate bathrooms at the supply posts
  • Separate bathrooms at the start and finish
  • Technical assistance on-site


You can find more info about possible accommodation in the area via the following tourism services:

Are you coming with a motor home? Then we have provided a free place for you to park and stay the night. From Friday afternoon you can go to the Toekomststraat in Wevelgem.


The organisers and police will enforce compliance with the traffic laws. Violations will be sanctioned accordingly. In order to safeguard the future of the event, we would like to ask you to follow the traffic laws, not litter the area and not urinate in public.

We are counting on a sporting attitude of all participants.



The organisers recommend everyone not to perform heavy exercise without sufficient physical preparation. Make smart choices in terms of the distance you wish to complete and the pace you want to subject your body to. Those who want to exercise at a high intensity, with performance in mind, are urged to get a yearly medical check-up by a qualified (sports) physician.

It is not necessary to present medical certificates. It is up to the participant to decide what to do with the medical information he or she has received. As such, the organisers hold no responsibility in this area.

Find more information about health and exercise here.

Etixx Sports Nutrition

If you would like some help selecting the optimal sports nutrition to improve energy production, hydration, muscle growth and recovery before, during and after exercise, then take a look here.

We would like to guide you with this specific and adapted nutritional schedule for the Gent-Wevelgem Cyclo, with an indication on where the refreshment stations are located.

You can find a general nutritional schedule below.

Etixx voedingsschema

Make sure to visit one of our partner pharmacies to help choose the right products.

Don't forget: a good preparation is half the battle! GOOD LUCK!


VZW Stop Darmkanker


Vzw Stop Darmkanker is a young, dynamic and independent ngo with the following motto: sharing knowledge can save lives.

DStop Darmkanker is a non-profit organisation that wishes to convince people that an early detection of colorectal cancer and bowel polyps will decrease the mortality rate by colorectal cancer drastically. Colorectal cancer is a silent killer.

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And your contribution can be life-saving. While signing up you have the possibility to donate 5, 10 or 15 euro to vzw Stop Darmkanker.

More information on www.stopdarmkanker.be


As an organization, we have developed a new format to maximize the safety and comfort of our participants. Many of these measures are described in detail in this FAQ.

  • Your bike ride will be safe.
  • There are only a limited number of places available.
  • Limited time slots per day for optimal spread of participants.
  • Free start in your chosen time slot.
  • You follow the arrows or ride based on the gpx.
  • Stick to the social distancing rules that are in force at the time of your bike ride.

There is no time limit. Everyone rides at their own pace. Do keep in mind that the finish line closes at 6pm. Choose a time slot according to your pace and chosen distance so you have enough time to finish!

Due to the Covid-19 measures it is NOT possible to register on the day of the race.

To ensure the rules of social distancing and the safety of all participants, it is extremely important to stick to your chosen time slot. Within your time slot you are free to start whenever you want.

Before the start, each participant will receive an extensive supply pack for the road. Drink & Go’s are located on the course of each tour and the longer tours also get extra food supplies on their way to the finish.

Wearing a mouth mask is strongly advised before and after your bike ride. A mouth mask is not required during the cycling itself.

This is not possible because we have to avoid concentration of participants in 1 location. There is ample parking near the start and finish. We recommend you to leave your things in the car while cycling.

Exceptionally, there will be no changing rooms or showers available.

You pay € 5 for your plate when you register for the tour. If you return your plate after your bike ride, you’ll get your money back.

If Ghent-Wevelgem cannot take place, your registration will automatically be transferred to the next edition.

You can register with your confirmation mail and/or proof of payment at our help desk at the starting site in Wevelgem. We will help you on the spot.

We did not send kits this edition. With the e-ticket you received when you registered, you can register at the start in Wevelgem, where you will receive your frame plate and course stickers at the scan & ride.

You recently received your e-ticket for 28 August in your mailbox. Does it have a startwave time stamp on it already? Great! Then we will see you in your time slot on 28 August in Wevelgem. Not chosen a time slot yet? Then read on, because you'll need it to come to the start in Wevelgem.

  1. Click on the startwave button in the email you received from us asking you to book your time slot. Click on the button "Change my data".
  2. Choose your desired start time
  3. Click on "Next".
  4. Click on "Finish".
  5. You will receive an overview of the amount already paid and you do not have to pay again.

As a participant, you have received a personal mail to transfer your registration to edition 2021 (28/8) or edition 2022.
If you have not reacted to this mail or one of the repetition mails for Ghent-Wevelgem Cyclo, your registration will automatically be transferred to the 2022 edition.


We are very much interested in how you have experienced our event. Please send us your remarks, reactions or ideas. We would love to hear from you.


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9000 Ghent