Parcours Menin Gate

1 Menin Gate

The "memorial to the missing". The walls of the Menin Gate bear the names of some 55,000 Commonwealth soldiers who were reported as missing before 15 August 1917. At the Menin Gate, over 100 years after the Great War, the Last Post ceremony still takes place, as it has done since 1928. Here it's time to stand still for a moment and reflect on history.

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Parcours The Cloth Hall

2The Cloth Hall

The Cloth Hall (Lakenhallen) was built in the 13th century and served as a covered sales and storage area. Back then, the Hall and its Belfry were among the most impressive civil buildings in Europe. During the First World War the building was almost completely destroyed, with only the Donkerpoort surviving the conflict. After the war, the hall was completely reconstructed. Today, you can visit the In Flanders Fields museum there.

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Parcours Passage de moeren

3 De Moeren

An open plain where the wind is ever present and where you have to battle on your bicycle against nature and against yourself. It's a traditional key moment in the professional competition where an initial selection takes place after returning from the coast towards the interior.

(225 km)

Parcours Baneberg


The first slope of the day is the Baneberg. Last season, Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel provided fantastic entertainment here during the Ghent-Wevelgem race. How well will you be able to manage this short climb (270 m) with its average incline of 9% and its maximum of 13%?

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(225, 140 and 95 km)

Parcours Kemmelberg


The deciding factor and then some in this spring classic is Kemmelberg. This year, you, just like the professional racers, can climb the defining ascent of Gent-Wevelgem on two sides. We will first be sending you over the Kemmelberg - Belvédère. Then, after a steep climb on cobblestones, with inclines reaching 22%, you can choose: after the descent, will you ride on to the Plugstreets, or will you tackle the challenge a second time on Kemmelberg - Ossuaire?

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(225, 140 and 95 km)

Parcours Plugstreets


The Plugstreets near Ploegsteert were added to the Gent-Wevelgem route in 2017. The programme includes the semi-paved roads of Hill 63 and Christmas Truce, a remembrance of that event in 1914 and the short ceasefire in that Christmas period. The Plugstreets consist of three semi-paved sections of a total of 5.2 km. The two sections of our route are located in an open landscape where the wind can play a determining role, and furthermore there is a slight incline. Give it all you've got!

(225, 140 and 95 km)